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The Meowth from team rocket has not evolved for the whole anime. Does he have an everstone?


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The thing you have to understand with the anime is that it is not exactly like the games. Think of it as an alternate version of the game, with different rules and a different storyline.

Because of this, the anime writers can change the game's rules or ways to make the show more interesting and enjoyable to watch. One example is the fact that levels don't exist in the anime, or at least are much less significant than they are in the games. In the anime, Pokemon evolve for their own reasons, not because they have reached a level that will suddenly make them transform.

This is where Meowth comes in. Has Meowth ever wanted or needed to evolve? No, he hasn't. The writers keep it this way because Meowth is more interesting to watch than Persian; Persian is a large Pokemon with a less appealing design, and also doesn't flow with Team Rocket as nicely as Meowth does. Have you noticed that the the main characters in the story carry small Pokemon? Ash's Pikachu, Misty's Togepi, Iris' Axew, and more are small because the show is more entertaining with those small Pokemon. If they evolved, they'd have to lug around huge Pokemon; Iris' Axew, for example, would not have the same charm if it was a Haxorus.

Another reason is Giovanni. He owns several Persian. Team Rocket are considered inferior to Giovanni, so it's logical that they have Meowth and Giovanni has Persian.

tl;dr: it's because Meowth doesn't want to evolve, and because the writers know that Meowth appeals to the show's audience more than Persian does.

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Piplup didn't evolve because it has an everstone. But what about Meowth? This is good anyway.
I said nothing about Piplup... but my main point is that Meowth not evolving isn't based on anything influenced by an item like the Everstone, but rather what the anime writers want. They know that Meowth is more entertaining and memorable than Persian.
And besides, since Meowth has been around since the start of the show, it'd wreck his personality and image if he were to evolve now.
Glad this helped you out though!
meowth HATES persian, so maybe that could add to it?
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The answer is very simple, Meowth does not want to evolve. Most likely due to the fact that it probably wouldn't be able to speak english anymore. Or, because Jessie and James like Meowth for who he is, a Meowth. Lots of examples of Pokemon not wanting to evolve such as Dawn's Piplup and Pokemon not wanting to evolve by choice like Ash's Pikachu.

Piplup cannot prevent evolution since it is a natural thing so it keeps using bide to prevent itself from evolving but drains its energy. that's why they gave Piplup an everstone. Ash's Pikachu can prevent evolution because it needs a thunderstone.
Meowth cannot prevent evolution since the way it evolve is like piplup, natural.
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In the anime Pokemon can take a very long time to evolve. Like with iris's axew never evolving. But sometimes Pokemon take a short time to evolve, like ashs krookodile. Hope I helped!
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i dont think so I think he just wants to stay the same
I can understand axew since it takes a long time for a dragon type to raise and iris got axew when it was just hatched. But what about Meowth? Meowth has been in the whole anime
Ashs bulbasaur and squirtle never evolved