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For example:
Spiritomb - Only weak against fairy
Sableye - Only weak to Fairy
Those are the only Pokemon that come to my mind.

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  • Sableye and Spiritomb - Dark/Ghost - weak to enter image description here

  • Swamper, Gastrodon, Whichsash, Quagsire and Seismitoad - Water/Ground - weak to enter image description here

  • Drapion and Skuntank - Dark/Poison - weak to enter image description here

  • Rotom-Wash - Water/Electric (Levitate) - weak to enter image description here

  • Scizor, Forrestress, Durant, Escavalier, Genesect and Wormadam (Trash Cloak) - Bug/Steel - weak to enter image description here


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The question says typewise, which means that the asker doesn't care if the dual-typed Pokemon has an ability that allows it to have only one weakness.
*cough cough* Rotom levitate *cough cough*
i have 1 that is not in the list above this message.
alolan muk: only weak to ground
*Cough Cough* Necroposting *Cough Cough*. But this list should probably be updated... ?
Necroposting is allowed if the comment/answer gives new information.
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Just found this and I've got a bit of new info that could be useful.

As mentioned, Alolan Muk falls into the same category as Drapion and Skuntank, but Genesect should also be included with the Bug/Steels.

While in the same vein as Rotom-Wash, Weezing with Levitate is only weak to Psychic and Seaking with Lightning Rod is only weak to Grass, but for historic reference, Bronzong had only 2 weaknesses (prior to Steel's loss of Ghost and Dark resistances in Gen 6), each of which was neutralized/negated by one of it's abilities (Heatproof neutralized Fire and Levitate negated Ground) and Ghost/Dark had 0 weaknesses prior to Fairy's introduction in Gen 6.

As far as Pokemon with single weaknesses based on typing alone (not ability) there are only 5 possibilities with the current type chart and we have 4 of them (Bug/Steel, Water/Ground, Poison/Dark, and Ghost/Dark); the 5th would be a Normal/Ghost and would be weak to Dark only.

As side mention, pure Electric and Normal Pokemon naturally only have 1 weakness each (Ground and Fighting respectively) and there is only 1 Pokemon family with no weaknesses still to this day: Eelektross (because pure-Electric with Levitate), but is irrelevant due to being cut from Gen 8 at this time.