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I want to train D-dance Charizard, Special sweeping Alakazam(DUH!), and Special tank Togekiss. I can't decide what to do first I and Togekisses movepool is great but none complement it's serene grace. And what moves should Alakazam know.

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This is not opinionated I want to know good movesets and strategies
You want movesets for all 3 Pokemon?

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CHARIZARD @ Muscle Band / Salac Berry:

Fire Punch
Dragon Dance

Fairly simple. Since Charizard is fairly frail, you want to play it safe as a lead, on a small team like this. Use Dragon Dance when you're safe, and attack when you're being attacked against. When you're not safe, U-Turn outta there. Charizard is too valuable to lose first.

ALAKAZAM @ Focus Sash:

Shadow Ball
Energy Ball
Trick Room

Alakazam should come out after Charizard, as it sets up for Togekiss. Sweep as you usually would when using Alakazam. When he hangs on with the Focus Sash, use Trick Room before he gets KO'd. This sets up Togekiss for sweeping without wasting a slot on Thunder Wave!

TOGEKISS @ Life Orb:
Aura Sphere
Shadow Ball

Now with Trick Room in effect, Togekiss will rip up the team as a powerful last resort! Aura Sphere will bring down any wall, Tri-Attack will kill off basically everything, And Dark Pulse sweeps any Ghosts. The Life Orb only makes this set more deadly, with the final addition of Roost to lengthen the sweep.

There's not really much you can do with three-member battles. You need to hit the opponent fast and hard, because these battles are pretty fast-paced. This strategy is to stay one step ahead of the opponent, having a deep strategy, as well as a very fast pace in setting up.

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Fire Punch
Thunderpunch/Rock Slide/Dragon Claw

It's Simple Here. Just DD, then attack.

Energy Ball
Focus Blast/HP[Fighting]
Psychic: Der.
Shadow Ball/Signal beam

Same Here.

Aura Sphere
Light Screen: Special tank!
Shadow Ball/Grass Knot.

Special Tank. This.

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I actually think this is better..

Dragon Dance-you know why
Earthquake-Rock, and Electric types
Thunderpunch-Water types
Substitute-to set up Dragon Dance

Focus Blast-Dark types
HP Fire-Bug types
Shadow Ball-Ghost types

Ancient Power-take Advantage of Serene Grace and for Ice types
Air Slash-STAB
Water Pulse-to confuse with Serene Grace and instant Rock OHKO
Light Screen-Strategy

The point is to use Togekiss first to set up Light Screen then to Switch into Charizard, so you would not substain many damage from Electric types, then Substitute, Dragon Dance, then sweep.
Once it faints, switch into Alakazam, for special Sweeping. Then Togekiss with the moves it has and Serene Grace, then pokemon can get confused and it can raise all its stats! Train Charizard, Alakazam, then Togekiss. Hope this helps..

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