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Alder, the champion in Unova is the first champion I ever faced but I have 1 question: What is his true signature Pokemon?
In the games, it is Volcarona but in the anime it is Bouffalant, so what is his true signature Pokemon?
Sorry if this question seems dumb but I really don't want to wait until Unova gets a remake (Since after X and Y all the champions are likely to have a mega Pokemon, because of Steven's mega Metagross) because that would mean waiting like 13 years or something.

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My Illogical Theory

I believe that Volcarona is the signature Pokemon of Alder.

I believe this is for a few reasons - firstly, Alder's (supposed) signature type is Bug, in which he had three of in Black and White. In the manga (I couldn't find anything on anime) he had Bouffalant, Accelgor, Escavalier and Vanilluxe, which is a predominantly Bug-type team.

Secondly, an Elite Four Pokemon trainer wouldn't have Normal as their signature type. That's sort of logic really; Normal is a pretty unstrategic type that the Champion wouldn't be using as their signature Pokemon. They'd use something a lot more powerful, like Dragon.

And finally, the games tend to overpower the anime a little bit. No offense to the anime lovers out there, but it is the case... :P

Hope I helped. :)

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Normal type Pokemon can be very strategic: they have the vastest movepools and ask anyone how annoying Whitney's notorious Miltank is to battle.
Yah flying is one of me faverote types and its usaly normal/flying cause the only non flying types are tornadus and his other forme
Yeah, there's Whitney but she uses a magical Miltank. :P
There's no other elite trainers that specialise in Normal though.
good point
By elite trainers do you mean gym leaders? because there are 2 more
who are they?
Oh shoot your right. o_o
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Anime = Bouffalant

  1. Bouffalant is Alder's only known Pokemon in the Anime.

Games = Volcarona

  1. All of Alder's Pokemon are level 75/60, when you battle him in BW and B2W2, apart from his Volcarona which is 2 levels higher in both cases.
  2. In the Pokemon World Tournament (PWT) all of his Pokemon are level 50; however, Bouffalant isn't in his team.

Pokemon Adventure Manga = Bouffalant

  1. Volcarona isn't known to be on Alder's team (unlike Vanilluxe, Escavalier, Accelgor and Bouffalant).
  2. Bouffalant is clearly Alder's strongest Pokemon revealed when he battles N.

Pocket Monsters BW: The Heroes of Fire and Thunder Manga = Volcarona

  1. Volcarona is Alder's only known Pokemon.

Hope I helped.