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Is Round a suitable alternative for Hyper Voice?
This is because Mega-Salamence is getting Aerilate and Hyper Voice is a Gen V exclusive move. So would it be good to use Round? The main reason is because my Salamence is 6 IV Naive nature and I don't want to re-breed unnecessarily. So if it's not okay, then I'm fine with re-breeding, but if this possibility is open, I would like to use it.

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Round is a horrible move to use in single battles, Hyper Voice is better.
But I would recommend using Return or Double Edge instead.

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I thought this because it gets a 30% boost and stab
Same thing applies to Hyper Voice.
Yes but the 2 moves above will make this guy shine
Hyper Voice goes through subs; that's why it might be more worthwhile.
ED: oh, but yea, it's move tutor only, and we don't know if ORAS will introduce one.
Return is still the better option though, Subs aren't a good enough reason to use Hyper Voice instead.
My Salamence is Naive Nature and it would take a long time to get a Jolly nature. Plus Hyper Voice is a pre gen move so This seems like Hyper Voice's best alternatives. Till now I was using Fire Blast and am looking for a Special Normal move.
You can probably run a mixed set
That's what I've been doing till now. If someone has a Naive Natured Hyper Voice Salamence, I have a lot of Shinies I am willing to trade for it. Otherwise I am going to have to re-breed. I calculated and after 30% boost and stab it approximately comes to 117 BP.