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I know it is a nuzlocke variant, but what are the additional rules?

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This is a caperlocke challenge (you need to go to the second section) I will also post the explanation here :P
1.The Pokemon are the trainer. They are working as a team to conquer the league. That means that at any time, one Pokemon has to sit out of battles and cannot fight because they are trying to pass as a human being.
2.The trainer Pokemon is chosen by rolling a die. Every time a new Pokemon joins the team, the die is rolled and the trainer Pokemon is dictated.
3.When purchasing items or using pokecenters or fighting gym leaders/important NPCs, a persuasion check is rolled. 1-3 means a new Pokemon is the trainer (determined by dice roll) and 4-6 means the current Pokemon stays.
4.Pokemon cannot use computers. Therefore, no Pokemon can be boxed. New Pokemon join the team ONLY when slots are vacated via death. (HM slaves are allowed for bypassing those obstacles)
5.Rival fights are fought with all Pokemon in the party, as your rival is also a Pokemon.
6.Game over occurs when the party wipes.

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