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When I was going to give Arceus Parental Bond Ability, it says that was banned.
What are all banned abilities?

  • Found that Shadow Tag is banned.
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I play a lot of Pokemon Showdown, especially Hackmons. I've found a way to get past most of the bans. Most of the banned abilities, other than Wonder Guard and Arena Trapand maybe one or two others, are all accessed through mega evolutions. You simply need to mega evolve the Pokémon necessary to get the ability. For example, I commonly use Gengar for this exact reason. Since I'm almost positive that nobody has discovered this before, I know that shadow tag will keep them from switching. I then have spore, leech Seed, topsy turvey, and cosmic Power. It's a very useful strategy. Anyway, if you want to get those abilities that are banned, then that's how.
Converted to a comment since this doesn't contain a list of banned abilities, but it's still helpful to the question.

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Here is a list of Banned Abilities in Balanced Hackmon's on Pokémon Showdown:

  • Wonder Guard
  • Huge Power
  • Pure Power
  • Shadow Tag
  • Arena Trap
  • Parental Bond


No problem :)
Stance change isn't banned?
But I've used Huge Power and Wonder Guard in Hackmons before
No it's allowed and so is Multitype.
Huge Power and Wonder Guard are both banned in Balanced Hackmon's trust me.
Try it out for yourself if you don't believe me: http://play.pokemonshowdown.com/