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Recently, I watched the Pokemon Film 'Giratina and the Sky Warrior'. I always thought there was only one legendary, like there is only one Lugia, or one Giratina. But, in this film, it showed multiple Shaymins, and I always thought there was only one.

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If this is for the Anime, yes and no.

I answered a question slightly different to this at the end of last year, which was asking "How can Legendary Pokémon be shiny if there's only one of them?" Although slightly different the other question is basically asking the same thing you are in your question.

This question can be seen here.

In my answer on the question I linked you to above, I explained that despite many Pokémon fans thinking that Legendary Pokémon are unique (one of a kind), there are in fact only a handful of Legendary Pokémon who are considered to be unique and the only member of their species.

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In the movie you say there are multiple Shaymins. In the games you can have two people using two different arceus's. This show's that there ARE in fact multiple legendary's in the Pokemon world. I also, yet I have no proof of this, heard that there was a trainer in black/white 2 that has a latias/os and you can verse him with one yourself.

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A few examples :

Lugia - Baby Lugia in Anime
Celebi- Stated in Pokemon4ever
Shaymin-Giratina Sky Warrior
Latios-Tobias +Pokemon Heroes

Zoroark master of illusions that these 3 have many kinds as they are shiny in Illusions but normal in the other

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