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My problems with buying Pokemon Y right now are that:

-''Pokemon Z'' will probably be out next year already .
-I dont want to miss out on move tutor moves.
-Pokemon Z is more complete, and extra detailed.........i'm expecting, atleast. I mean there's more content, thats for sure.

Are these reasons to wait for Pokemon Z? Because I dont want lose my ingame team, by playing Y, and then selling it and buying Z.

That's assuming that Pokemon Z will exist, though. We don't know for sure yet.
Don't wait for an unconfirmed game. GF actually said they don't ever plan on making a Z game.

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By the time Pokemon Z comes out, surely you could have enough money to buy both X/Y and Z if such a thing should even exist. By the time Pokemon Z gets announced (if it does) you could easily get enough money until it's release to pay for it, even if you buy X/Y.

However, why don't you just buy OR/AS instead, since it's a new game?

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Have Move tutors from remakes had the same moves as move tutors from sequels? For example, have move tutors from heartgold and soulsilver got the same moves as move tutors in Pokemon Platinum? Because missing out on move tutor moves is my real concern.
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Dont wait for Pokemon Z
Pokemon Z hasn't been confirmed. You might as well get Pokemon Y, seeing as Pokemon Z might not even come out.
Fans thought there was going to be a Pokemon Grey after Black and White, however, there was no Pokemon Grey. And even if it does come out, you'll have to wait until it does, when you could playing Pokemon Y.