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When it first came out, it was $5 (Australian), I've tried to purchase access and found it was up to $6.50. When it first came out, we were promised a 'minimal' cost. 30% increase is hardly 'keeping up with inflation', so just how 'minimal' will this cost continue to be, because I'm not looking forward to some $20 in 5 years...

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It was never 5 AUD.

It's 5 Pounds, Euros or USD but not AUD.

On an article from the 16th of November, 2013, it was stated that Pokebank would cost $6.50 AUD from the start.
>A yearly fee to Pokémon Bank will cost AU$6.50 and NZ$8.50. Nintendo has even attached a statement to the pricing to explain why Pokémon Bank is a paid subscription service:


In the case where it increases in the future, it'll probably be because of one or more of the following reasons;
1. Inflation (around 2.5% a year on average in Australia)
2. Weakening Australian Dollar. They could adjust the price to match the Yen or something in terms of currency conversion - the AUD is quite weak right now, especially against the USD
3. Loss in profit. They'd obviously crank up the price if they needed to make a little more money to break even or something.

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oops! my bad. Must have had the USD price in my head the whole time. Thanks for the lesson