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when I put my Pokemon with an item into the pokebank the item disappears
wy can't I take the items with them

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That's just the way it was designed, probably.

Or maybe to stop people from getting unlimited Master Balls, but that doesn't really work cuz you can still trade between gen 6

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The Pokebank is programmed to send any items of any Pokemon back to your bag in the game that you are using Pokebank with. This is possibly to ensure a Pokemon with an item from ORAS, for example, doesn't go into a copy of X and Y with that item and corrupt the game. Because that item is not anywhere within the coding of X or Y, the game will be unsure of how to deal with the item, leading to a corrupted save. This also applies to Pokemon from BW or B2W2 being transported to XY or ORAS with an item that doesn't exist in Generation 6.

Hope this helped.