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I just got it from the Eon Ticket event I do not want to EXP share train it.
It is on level 37 UPDATE: It's level 50
Here are its stats if it matters:
HP: 119
Attack: 73
Defense: 83
SP. Attack: 78
SP. Defense: 109
Speed: 108
Nature: Jolly
Current moves:
Mist Ball
Dragon Breath
Should it hold the Latiasite or the Soul Dew?
Please tell me if this should go on the Battle Subway
If there is a double battle place it doesn't matter what level the trainers Pokemon is

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Soul dew is great. The Mega stone just takes up the mega slot.
veiw this youtube video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H866Db2LCzM
You don't need exp share just on the last blissey just keep latias in and then switch to your tougher Pokemon or use toxic.

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No Problemo!
That gets soo much EXP.
I'm drowning in it!
Gaaaah... blub blub
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You shoudl train her where there are at LEAST below lvl. 40 cuz that would kill her. You should go to the route where it rains 90% of the time.
You should DEFENETLY go for her Megastone. Its better than the Soul Dew.
And oh yes...
Isn't Latias banned from online battling?

Don't know if it is banned.
What is a good place to train it?
I don't think rout 119 is gonna cut it, doesn't seem to gain EXP fast  enough.
Soul Dew is banned, not Latias itself (and it is better than the Latiasite).