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I'm going to be training a Dragonite soon and I'm going to have Dragon Claw, Sky Drop, and Thunderpunch on it. Should I have Fire Punch or Iron Head on it?

Im guessing this is for ice coverage and i would say iron head for more power? Theres not really much difference if youre going for ice coverage
What is this for ?
What other team member do you have ?
IH give off some Fairy Coverage too plus the Flinch Chance and Solid Power
Screw it, just have Dragon Dance.
iron head is essential for slaying fairies.

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Iron head > Fire punch

There isn't much difference between them, but Iron head is better because it is slightly stronger, has a 30% chance to flinch, and also covers Fairy and Rock types too. While Fire punch is good and a 10% chance of burn, it simply doesn't have enough power and doesn't cover Fairy and Rock. Besides the stuff I said, they both have same accuracy and PP. But still, its all up to you.

Have fun ;)

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Don't forget Iron Head covers Ice too.
Fire Punch does as well, so covering Ice isn't really an advantage Iron Head has over Fire Punch.
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In my opinion you should go with Iron Head, but there are upsides to both. (Iron Head has more)

Iron Head

You will be able to defeat Fairy, Ice, and Rock types more easily.
Iron Head also has more base power than Fire Punch. Iron Head has a 30% chance of making the target flinch, which is a higher chance than Fire Punch's secondary effect. (10% chance to burn)

Fire Punch

Fire Punch will cover Ice types, one of Dragonite's huge weaknesses. It has a 10% chance to burn the target, which has a smaller chance of happening than Iron tail's secondary effect but it does damage.

Iron Head has the most upsides but it is your choice.
Hope I helped!

LoL, you said iron tail instead of iron head