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I know this is going to sound really stupid, but could some of you explain how to use it and what's it for?
I don't really have much time to play the normal games anymore and for what I gathered it seems that basically Pokémon Showdown embodies all the fun and challenge of the games, so it seems ideal for someone like me that doesn't have a lot of time.
But, and jesus I realize I'm starting to be too old for this electronic stuff, I need reassurance on a couple of things.
I see the program needs to be downloaded but can also be played on the web, so I'm presuming the saved data are on the cloud, correct?
Is this an onerous process?
Can I pick any 'mons I want to start with or do I need to somehow "earn them"? ( like leveling them up or unlocking them )
Can I actually play with other people or is it just vs bots? Am I restricted to zone-servers?
Lastly, is there a way, either by installing it or using the online option, to play on my phone? Or the mobile app hasn't been developed yet?

I know I could probably figure things out myself, but understand I physically don't have the time to tinker around with this stuff anymore, and frankly I know I can trust people here much more than other sites online.

Thanks a bunch Database!


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How to use it and what's it for ?

PS is a site where you battle with other players. There are many different rules depending on which sort of battles you like to play. The currently available ones are here :
enter image description here

Can I pick any 'mons I want to start with or do I need to somehow "earn them"? ( like leveling them up or unlocking them )

You can pick any mons you want to play with but bear in mind there a rules which restrict or ban some Pokemon in other Tiers. All of the Pokemon will all have 6IVs and neutral Nature and no moves or items on them. You can alter them to what you want them to be as long as they're legal.

Here are a list of Tiers

Can I actually play with other people or is it just vs bots? Am I restricted to zone-servers?

You mainly fight against other people and there aren't any restrictions to who you play across the Globe as long as you have good internet connection it shouldn't be much of problem.

Take a look at this Beginner's Guide to Pokemon Showdown

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Pokemon Showdown is first and foremost a battle simulator, which means it lacks the story mode in favor of focusing 100 % on the battling aspect. PS can be used both in the browser or be downloaded in the computer, but there isn't much difference.
You can fully customize any and all Pokemon to any and all teams, regardless of ingame viability or availability, and all and any Pokemon are available right of the bat. The teams are saved in your cookies, not in the cloud or on your computer. This means any device that can have cookies can support PS, although it is far more optimized on PC.

Important to note is that there are several places you can do battles, so called servers, and servers can have different rooms for all sorts of businesses. Some are big and some are small, with quite different focuses and people visiting them. By far the biggest server is the Smogon University, the foremost authority on competitive Pokemon battling. This one server is big enough to have several rooms the size of dozens of smaller servers.

Your primary battling partners will be other players, as that is what competitive is all about. There is a ranking system in place to make sure you battle of the same rank as you, but these are tier specific, rather than linked to a single account.

There are dozens of formats to battle, but the most popular are the Smogon Tiers, but that's for another time. What PS have over ingame competitive battling is that it is quick to get going. In five minutes you can have full team up and running, compared to the days or even week's it would take to IV breed and train a team ingame. Is something not optimized, need to change a move? That takes seconds.

Here is a link to all servers and here is one to our own DB Server. If you have any other questions or wondering anyone there would be happy to lend a hand.

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Pokemon Showdown, or PS for short, is a online competitive battling simulator in which you do not need to actually breed or train them. Just click Team Builder, and your ready to go! It also can support either online, or actually downloading it, which is a fairly simple process.

Pokemon Showdown is unique because of it's ability to actually mimic competitive play, while at the same time being easy for Trainers who are just getting started on PS. You can also choose ANY, I repeat, ANY Pokemon, either it be to Bulbasaur - The unreleased Legendary Vocarion, only available in Hackmons Cup or Balanced Hackmons.

You can also play with real people on the server, not just/only bots. These people can either be easy or hard, depending on the strategy they use, or the Pokemon you choose.

Pokemon Showdown can be used on all devices (as far as I know of), but the only option on either mobile/ a device that isn't a computer is to play it straightly from online. There is no button when accessed from there.

You are also not limited to time-zones, which is good.

Hope I'd helped!
This also all came from memory.

I want to point out that on a tablet/phone you still go right to the site, but it might lag/glitch/crop out parts of the side
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