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I can think of Braixen, Delphox, Flabebe, Floette, Mega Sableye, Farfetch'd, the Cubone line, and sort-of Oshawott and Dewott. What other Pokemon are shown as holding something?


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This is just for the Pokemon's sprite, some Pokemon might be holding items in fan art, in the anime, and other places.

The following list of Pokemon are holding something in their hands.
Hypno is holding a pendulum.
Cubone is holding a bone.
Marowak is holding a bone.
Farfetch'd is holding some sort of stick/onion.
Timburr is holding a plank of wood.
Gurdurr is holding an iron bar.
Conkeldurr is holding two concrete cylinders.
Braixen has a stick in it's tail.
Flabébé is holding a flower.
Floette is holding a flower.
Honedge is holding a sheath.
Doublade is holding two sheaths.
Aegislash (Blade forme) is holding a shield.
Kadabra is holding a spoon.
Alakazam is holding two spoons.
Mega Sableye is holding it's giant gem.
Yamask's mask

The following list of Pokemon are holding items on their Pokedex page art.
Delphox is holding a stick.
Hoopa is holding a ring.
Delibird is holding a sack of food or something.

The following list of Pokemon are not exactly holing items, but still have them on their body.
Chansey's egg in its pouch
Braixen's stick in its tail.
Meowth's charm on its head.
Mega Alakazam's spoons that it is levitating.
Togepi has half of an egg shell on its stomach.
Slowking's crown on its head.
Blissey's egg in its pouch.
Oshawott's shell.
Dewott's shells.
Samurott's swords and armor.
Zoroark has some sort of bead or hair tie on its "mane."
Klefki's keys.
Kangaskhan's baby.
Hitmonchan's boxing gloves.

I think I got them all, tell me if I missed any.

Hope this helps!
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Farfetch'd is clearly holding a leek :v
It says stick in it's pokedex.
It's also an onion
Its a leek stalk, it says stalk in the pokedex so i guess write stalk
Should Kangaskhan count as holding her baby in her pouch?
Is Hitmonchan holding boxing gloves, or is it part of his body?
you said hoopa has rinds, it has rings
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A few more from Gens 7 and 8:

Comfey is holding a ring of flowers.

Oranguru is holding a fan made of leaves and fur.

Passimian is holding some sort of berry.

Sandygast has a shovel stuck in its head.

Palossand has a shovel stuck in its head.

Komala is holding a log. (There are theories that the log is Komala -- so maybe Komala is holding a koala.)

Dhelmise is holding an anchor.

Grookey is holding a stick.

Thwackey is holding two sticks.

Rillaboom is holding two sticks and a drum.

Skwovet is holding berries in its mouth.

Greedent is holding berries in its tail.

Flapple is holding an apple as a shell (debatable)

Appletun is holding an apple as a shell (debatable)

Cramorant sometimes holds Pikachu or Arrokuda.

Sinistea holds a teacup (technically hides in it, but close enough)

Polteageist holds a teapot (technically hides in it, but close enough),

Sirfetch'd is holding a leek shield and a leek sword.

Mr. Rime is holding a walking stick.

Drakloak holds a Dreepy.

Dragapult holds two Dreepies.

Zacian Crowned Form is holding a sword.


i agree with every one except dhelmise, since the anchor is its body
Actually, I'm fairly sure Dhelmise is the seaweed, hence its Grass typing.

Edit: Yeah here, part of its Sun entry: "What appears to be green seaweed is actually its body."
I thought it was the steering wheel lol