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You can train another Noivern. Breed for good IV's, etc. You can only get an arceus through a trade or time sensitive event. The best Noivern (shiny max IV's) is less valuable than the worst Arceus.

Pokemon value generally follows this pattern (most valuable on top)

  1. Event Legendaries (Arceus, Mew, Celebi, etc)
  2. Shiny (Pretty much any shiny. 1/4k is more rare than legendaries. Some shinys may be more valuable than some event Pokemon)
  3. Legendaries (MewTwo, Xernaus, Palkia, etc)
  4. Starters (other gift only Pokemon like laprase, eevee in some games),
  5. Trade while holding item Pokemon Slurpuff, Porygon z
  6. Trade to evolve Gollem, Trevent
  7. Baby Pokemon that must be bread Pichu, Mime Jr.
  8. Evolved Pokemon (your noivern)
  9. The Rest.

So basically you got a good deal. Probably cheated whoever gave you the Arceus.

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Depends. If the Arceus has great IVs, nature, and moves it was worth it. And if the Noivern had bad IVs, nature, and moves it was still worth it. If the Noivern had great IVs and nature then it was not worth it.

Hopefully this answers your question

Hope I helped!(ish)

The Noivern had a bit better IVs than Arceus.  Better attack, defence, and sp def
Think i did a bad trade. :(
It also depends if you are trying to completely fill up the pokedex, arceus is an event only pokemon and is hard to get