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I recently managed to unlock the battle against the Fare Prince, courtesy of a team of ubers, and I'm slightly intrigued by his post-match speech, something like "It's not about finding your place, it's about making a place for yourself. I will make my own place... the next generation..."
Any theories as to what he means? Could it possibly be a foreshadowing of the next generation of core series games? It kinda makes sense to hide it in a secret battle that's only accessible after the Delta.

Doesn't quite confirm anything to be honest, but it does seem somewhat interesting. At this point though, it's all speculation.

PS - It took me about 5 minutes to realize this "Fare Prince" is the Mauville Food Court guy. >.>
Maybe the next generation of trainers but that's just me xD
This has nothing to do with any new games. Generations are fan made terms, so they wouldn't turn up in the game like that.
Game freak does foreshadow sometimes, one example is when they described munna in gen 1

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Well, this might be just Gamefreak poking fun at us all.

It's like how in the battle Maison in Pokemon X/Y, there is a woman who says "I come from the future."

We might not see some lore in the next gen saying something like "once upon a time there was this guy who had a philosophy and made the region the end" but I must say, mysterious.