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I love espeon is my favorite eeveelotion and Pokémon but I saw a lot of answers in questions when I was checking in what to evolve my eevee and it was really underated I dont know why

I wouldn't really say it's underrated, but it faces a lot more competition as a Magic Bouncer in this gen than it did last gen e.g. Mega Sableye. It's not as great as a Psychic attacker either, since there are now plenty of Megas that hit harder e.g. Mega Gardevoir.
fizz, you should have just answered. It makes the unanswered list less cluttered.
I think it's a little too short; you need to have atleast 3-5 lines in answer.
in uu, dual screens espeon is REALLY SCARY.

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Espeon is not under-rated, just merely under-stated.

Espeon has been cursed since the original G/S/C to be less cooler than the all-black ex-OU Class Staller, Umbreon.

Despite having excellent Special Attack and Speed, the reasons it is overlooked is because:

  • Basic Movepool, with standard moves. (A curse most Eeveelutions carry, really.)
  • Frail Defenses, making it impossible to use for extended periods of time. Basically to be used as a Glass Cannon.
  • Received a boost in the form of Magic Bounce, but now got outclassed by other common users. [Credits to Fizz :3 ]
  • Outclassed by the newer additions to the Meta-game. [Credits to Fizz :3 ]
  • Looks weird: Probably the most arbitrary reason, but a lot of first-timers prefer others, say, Umbreon because of its rings. A pink cat with a split tail and a red gem on its fore-head is not generally a top choice for favourite designs. A general preconception of not wanting to use a weird looking Pokemon generally evolves into full blown apathy.

A Dual-Screen Espeon was mentioned in the comments, but Espeon rarely gets to set up properly. It is a viable option, that can be well-exploited by experienced battlers.