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I know that in game events (such as mirage spots) can freeze if the 3ds clock changes or if the game is played in a different DS. But my game recently had mirage spots frozen despite doing neither of those things.
Events are working again but I now wish to know why it froze so I can prevent it from happening again.


The only thing I can think of is that it's a glitch, unless you just weren't realizing that the events were activating, or that you did mess with the time or put the game in a different system, but didn't remember.
Glitch, simple
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I've searched the internet, and it seems that the only thing that causes ORAS's in game clock to freeze is changing the time. (Which can be done a few ways, such as changing to a 3DS that doesn't have the same time as the 3DS the game was last played in.)
So, the problems could have been:

  • You or somebody did change the time and you didn't remember/realize
  • There was a glitch
  • The thing below

To get Mirage Spots, you need to connect your game to the internet. (Excluding the ones you get at the beginning of every day before connecting to the internet.) That could have been your problem, you didn't connect to the internet before you went looking for your Mirage Spots. In other words, there was no problem with the clock, you just might not have connected to the internet.

Those were the only things that I could find/think of.

Hope this helps!

i had a pokemon i got in a wondertrade stop my clock once, it returned to normal once i released it