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So I found out that certain Pokemon give evs and I want to train my jolly gyarados which ill probably mega evolve But I have an unsure moveset. She has 6ivs too.
What training should I do on her? And does supertraining help with her evs or ivs?
If you want to know her stats just ask but I look on super training and her training diagram says shes max in speed and attack but shes not trained on mine.


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If the diagram says that she's maxed then she's maxed. It doesn't matter if you trained her or if someone else trained her.

Also as long as you're not using a mixed attacker set (which I think everyone agreed on when you asked your moveset question), then the EVs it already has are perfect. Just make sure the last 4 are in something useful (so not Sp. Atk).

Don't worry about messing up shiny perfect Pokemon's EVs. They're not permanent, so you can always change them if you change your mind.

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But when i look at it the muscle image that pops up ans you click and it says ive fully trained it hasnt opened up. How do i tell if shes been trained to the max? Because her atk is 349 and spd is 287 and hp is 332
If the muscle icon isn't there but she appears to be fully trained in attack and speed, then the 4 EV finish probably wasn't completed.  This makes even more sense considering you acquired her as a Magikarp, so if the 4 EVs were forgotten there is a low probability Magikarp would gain them in battle (because who uses a Magikarp??).  I probably should mention that mysteriously acquiring a 6IV shiny level 99 Magikarp without max EVs does slightly suggest that the prior owner didn't legitimately acquire it XD
And to answer how to tell if it's maxed, just try to train it in speed and attack.  If it doesn't work then you know that those stats are maxed.  Then train it in the stat you want to have the 4 EVs and use at least a +8 regimen.  If you gain +6 then you're good.   If you gain +2 then there's a whole process you'll need to go through ... You don't need to redo the whole thing, you can just use an EV Berry, but this is already a long comment so just tell me if that's the case and I'll leave more instructions.
Thank you soo much. I really like your answer and even on other questions. Aha. Ill check soon. And i know it was probably hacked and all but she was sinnoh born and came with rare candy. but her name is dogekarp :( i wanted to call my gyarados dippy. Aha. Anyway ill go train and give a unique unexpected moveset.
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You should train her in Attack and Speed. Super Training helps with her EVs, if you want IVs you'll have to breed for them.
252, Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP. This means that you should train her in Attack and Speed until you can't anymore, then give the rest of the EVs to her HP.

Since i have perfect 6ivs im looking to train in evs, right?
Yep, train her in EVs.
Actually make the 4Hp EVs Special Defense because of Stealth Rock when you send in gyarados before it mega evolves
Stealth rock? I might not be using a typical moveset just to mix battling up. Her sp def is pretty high already though?