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I'm beginning to be a competitive battler, and I'm wondering if I should include an Eeveelution of some sort. I would like to know which is the best for competitive play. Any other tips would be appreciated. I can provide extra information if required.

[EDIT] The other teammates are a Frogadier[Evolving to Greninja], a Hawlucha, a Gengar, a Gabite [Evolving to Garchomp] and a Honedge [Evolving to Aegislash]

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It depends. What is the rest of your team?
Sylveon is the main one I suppose its Pixilate and Hyper Voice can dish out a lot of damage
I updated the question with the rest of the team.

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In general, Sylveon is the best eeveelution. With STAB + Pixialte boosted Hyper Voices, and with great special attack and special defence, and decent HP, and make a good bulky sweeper. Give it a Choice Specs and it wrecks havoc and picks up OHKO's on most things that dont resist.

But for your specific things... I'd say... Sylveon also! You dont have a fairy type, so it could do you well, and its always good to play with a powerful fairy type in gen 6!

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Espeon can also be quite good with magic bounce, able to deal fair damage and support the team quite nicely. I like to use a specs set with Psychic, Dazzling Gleam, HP fire, Shadow Ball. Just come in on a predicted status move, bounce it back, and hit hard when you need to.
If you find you have trouble with status moves and hazards, use Espeon. Otherwise go with Sylveon for the reasons listed above.