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Can somebody just like as many examples as possible? I want to know what usage is generally considered "broken".


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Ubers isn't part of the tier shift every three months, so there is no specific point where a Pokemon can be considered broken in OU. Ubers doesn't really work well with the system since the dynamic of the metagame is very different to others. For example, Greninja was deemed to good for OU in a suspect test, but it would never have made it to Ubers through usage because it is nearly useless there. Likewise, there are plenty of Uber Pokemon that don't meet the 3.41% cutoff in their tier but if they moved to OU, they'd be completely broken.

In every other tier, 3.41% in the tier above is the benchmark. Most Pokemon in the Ubers tier have been there from the very beginning (for example, Xerneas and Yveltal were never OU at all), or were suspect tested in OU and kicked to Ubers (Blaziken, Greninja, etc.)

There's a flaw in the logic that a simple usage stat in OU can determine how "broken" it is, because the fact a broken Pokemon is available doesn't necessarily mean people will use it. Greninja was a number one in the month before it was banned (26.7%), but other examples of banned Pokemon do not follow suit. Mega Mawile was at #22 with 9.6% before it got the boot, and Landorus was at #19 with 10.1% before it went to Ubers. So there's no accurate measurement of how broken a Pokemon is, because there isn't a close enough relationship between usage and what Smogon chooses to suspect test.

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Landy is back in OU now right? Why was it sent back?
It's not back in OU. Landorus-T and Landorus are treated as two separate Pokemon due to their differences in stats and roles. Standard Landorus was considered too powerful, though Landorus-T was more widely counterable and thus wasn't broken.
Oh lol, missed that. What made standard Landorus broken?
But then iirc excadrill was once considered Uber
It has fantastic coverage which meant it was very difficult to counter. It has Sheer Force which gives its moves incredible raw power. It was also very versatile, with access to Calm Mind which wrecked balance teams and Rock Polish which made it a good way to combat offence.
Excadrill was in Ubers throughout Gen 5, so that's barely relevant now in Gen 6.
Hmm thought so.
It's not relevant in gen 6 maybe, but due to what was it back in OU?
It was in Ubers because of Sand Rush. In gen 5 weather was permanent, so Exca could abuse Sand Rush for a whole match and sweep whatever it wanted. Now Sandstorm, like all weather, is limited, so Excadrill isn't as powerful now because it doesn't outspeed everything