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I was thinking:

WhatTheBEEp(Combee) w/ focus sash
+Spe -Def
Max Speed, Max Special Attack
NO Defense or Special Defense
- Tailwind
- Endeavor
- Bug Buzz
- Air Cutter/Ominous Wind


Set up tailwind on turn 1. Knocked down to sash. Then endeavor them down to 1 HP. The other moves are mainly filler moves, but are Combee's best moves(sadly!).

No. There are much better Endeavour users available, and even they are incredibly gimmicky and predictable.
FEAR, Aron. They do it better, but no one even falls for them now...
It might be usable in LCUU, but not much else.

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Simple as that really, Combee is a terrible Pokemon, with bad stats, useless Abilities, a bad typing, and a abysmal movepool. Using it in any sort of competative battle would be downright harmful to the team. Anything it could do something else could do better. It's bad, bad, bad, bad, don't use it.

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Solosis is better. It gets Magic Guard, which makes you immune to Spikes, status, and Rocky Helmet/Iron Barbs, so you don't lose your sash from those. Honestly though, if your opponent is experienced they'll switch to a ghost as soon as they see a Lv. 1 Pokemon.

but it's not level 1...
Point is, if they see a Pokemon with an abnormally low level, they will know what you are trying. But if it isn't a really low level, it might not get hit for enough damage to make Endeavor effective.