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OK,i have playing Pokemon fire red today in my mobile and I have a problem choosing a flying type.So some one please help in choosing a flying type Pokemon.

And please don't bother to tell me to use charizard because I chose bulbasaur.

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*Gyarados, pidgeot. trust me they are really usefull*

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Well, Salamence is a great competitive Pokemon that doesn't rely heavily on hidden abilities, type match ups or long set ups.

Most flying types have dual typing that makes balanced team building a challenge. If you are looking for something easier to get, Crobat carried me through gen 3. A really speedy Pokemon that isn't intrusive on the team dynamic.

salmence is not there in fire red and i am not sure whether i can evolve golbat to crobat before beating the champion.
You can. All you need is happiness on a Golbat.
ok thanks,i will give you best answer if there is no better answers within 2 days.
No worries. I answer to help, not to get points. I do hope you find your perfect Pokemon.