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Sorry, but the only real way to level up a Pokemon is to face off against some strong Pokemon and win. It will be tedious and boring, but if you REALLY want that salamance it'll be worth it. The best way to go about doing this is facing/re-facing the elite 4, but if you're not up for that, head to your local victory road and run around in a cave or tall grass, and battle every Pokemon you see. A good way to go about doing this is putting shelgon at the front of your party, get into a battle, and switch it for a much stronger Pokemon, so it still gets exp. Another option is using an exp share or a lucky egg, or both, or just give everyone in your party one of them, and win some battles to see the exp pile on. If you're in a gen 5 game, theres audino, which gives REALLY high amounts of exp when defeated, but rustling grass is unpredictable, so use it when necessary. Finally, you can use all the rare candies you own on your shelgon. You might not have much, but it'll save time in the long run.

(I don't normally condone this, but I want to cover all the options: You can also cheat/hack, but if I were you, I'd waste the time and get an honest to goodness salamance.)

And wow that was long, but there you go! Good luck!

What about Blissey bases? These are ORAS secret bases with 6 level 100 Blisseys. There are entire websites dedicated to finding Blissey bases.
I did not know about blissey bases, but ok sure those too.
Also, if you're playing X/Y and you're a Marquis in the Battle Chateau, you can find Furisode Girls with 2 or more high level Audinos.
He only said he wanted to level it up. You can also try daycare grinding. I heard that people who try to complete the Pokedex usually do that.