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I have Pokémon X, so I got Mega Mewtwo X. The problem is I have too many physical Pokemon on my team, so it can be stopped by a Pokémon with high Defense. So I'm trying to make my Mega Mewtwo X more like Mega Mewtwo Y (because it's too late to get Y). I' trying to make a special-attacking Mega Mewtwo X, with the same set as most Mega Mewtwo Y, except instead of Recover it has Calm Mind. If it simply won't work, please give me advice on how to make my Mewtwo a good physical attacker. Thanks!

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I don't really understand what you're asking
If this is for ingame, you're not allowed to ask this question. If this is for competitive, post the rest of your team in RMT and ask this question there.
I edited it from 4 run-on sentences to 6. From what I can gather, OP wants to know if it's practical to have a Special-based Mewtwo X.

Why not just use normal Mewtwo with a Life Orb?
This is like the third time he's asked about Mewtwo.  "Which Mewtwo should I get" "Should I get X or Y".
Special Mewtwo X is possible since it still has that monsterous 154 Special Attack.
You're going about this the wrong way. If you have too many physical Pokémon on your team, maybe keep the one that has ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY base attack, and replace one or two others with some special attackers.
metwo x problem is it will always most definatly attack, just sucker punch the thing with high atk
Couldn't you get around Sucker Punch with Substitute?  Sub first turn, SP fails.  With the Sub in place, even if it takes the hit from SP, you don't flinch behind the Sub, right?  Meaning you hit whatever is trying to SP you like a freight train.

Paired with Drain Punch and/or Recover for sustain, and you could have a moderately bulky setup.
Sucker punch doesn't cause flinching...
Correct. [FILLER]
Then...  I'm confused as to why people are so crazy about Sucker Punch.  Useful, yes.  Amazeballs, not particularly.
No, it's because, if the opponent doesn't know a priority attack, sucker punch always moves first. It's more powerful than most other priority attacks, and it hits everything.

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Your idea of a special Mega Mewtwo X is possible, as it does have 154 base special attack. Simply give it Psystrike, Focus Blast, Ice Beam, and Fire Blast. It will kill most things in your way. However, like bulbasaur_ggd said above, you are going at this the wrong way. I advise you take advantage of it's 190 base attack and replace something else on your team with a special attacker available in X, such as Xerneas. You could also try to get someone with Y to give you the Mewtwoinite Y. I advise you replace something else with Xerneas (or some other special attacker), and take advantage of Mega Mewtwo X's power.

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