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I went on the GTS a while back and looked up "Buneary", and decided to trade off some Pokemon for the ones that claimed to have 4 to 5 IVs, and luckily they both did! I'm working on a team at the moment, and I don't know which one to choose. Neither of them have been EV trained yet (I'm dreading that the most because EV training is damn tedious) and I'm wondering if anyone has advice, or can even suggest a better Pokemon if neither of these are very good, one is male and one is female so I'll just refer to them as "the male one" and "the female one" lol;

the male one
Buneary [M] Lv. 16
EVs: none
Nature: Quiet [+SPATT -SPEED] (such a horrible nature)
Item: None
Ability: Klutz
Jump Kick
Baton Pass

the female one
Buneary [F] Lv. 1
EVs: none
Nature: Jolly [+SPEED -SPATT] (pretty damn good)
Item: None
Ability: Run Away (not useful in battle, but thankfully it changes when it evolves)
Fire Punch
Ice Punch

So the thing is, I really like that the male one has 5IV, but its nature and ability is ****, but I could do something to possibly fix that? It would really help if I had two Destiny Knots but my stupid past self had to sell the second one because I didn't know about it's usefulness. The female one has 4IV, which isn't awful, but I wish it didn't have max IV in SPATT so it could go to something else like it's SPDEF or HP. I do like that it's ability isn't useless and would go away after evolving, and that it has egg moves, too. I could always try breeding them to get a decent 6IV one, but I'll need to get a Destiny Knot from AS and get it into my Y copy which will be annoying...Is it worth it? Should I go for breeding or would one of these Bunearys be at LEAST a decent choice? Thank you for reading, and hopefully you'll be able to help me out! 8)


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I'd recommend you breed the two together with the female one holding an Everstone and the male holding a Destiny Knot. This allows you to control your ability and IVs. Trust me, 31 IVs make a difference in bulk.

Hope I helped!