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Is it possible to watch Pokémon XY&Z when it airs in Japan if your're in the US?

you can't.

unless you watch the fansubs on anime-streaming websites.
Why not just wait for the dub?

Good things happen to those who wait. (Sorry, just had to say that :)
It will usually be on youtube around six or seven hours after it comes out in Japan without subs, and usually around a day or two after with subs.
Subs are out way, waaaaay sooner than dubs, and in my experience the dubs aren't all that great.

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No you cannot unfortunately.

Pokemon in Japan is on the station TV Tokyo, and after some research I could not find any Cable/Satellite Providers in the US that has TV Tokyo as a station; therefore, we have to wait until it comes out in America.

Hopefully this helped! :)

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