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So I'm struggling to defeat Mimikyu on Ula'ula island, and I've tried everything I can think of. I have a Torracat, Alolan Vulpix, Persian, Absol, Misdreavus, and a Herdier. The only advantage I have are 3 ghost types move, one of my Vulpix and the other two on my Misdreavus. It doesn't matter, though, because they all get KO'ed before they can do any damage. Highest level is my Torracat, who is 34. Any suggestions on what will help?

you could use a priority move to get rid of the disguise
What's a priority move?
A move that always goes first like quick attack.
Oh, I beat Totem Mimikyu just yesterday. But Pokemon Refresh is the only reason I beat it. Everyone laughs at me for using Pokemon Refresh, but my Pokemon were constantly enduring their attacks and shaking off status conditions and by some miracle I beat Mimikyu on my second try... suffice to say, they got many pats after their victory. :3
Refresh is amazing.
Because this question is apparently still relevant, I'll comment saying that the single best Pokemon to fight Mimikyu is Magneton. It gets flash cannon, resists all of Mimikyu's attacks, and is useful against a bunch of stuff other than Mimikyu.
Mimikyu is a ghost type, most priority moves are ineffective unless they arent normal or fighting type.
Most priority moves aren't Normal/Fighting type... :P

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I personally didn't find Mimikyu to be that difficult — that honour goes to Lurantis — but I have some useful tips that I think might help.

1. Team Composition
Your current team gets utterly destroyed by Play Rough. Nobody but Torracat resists it. I would advise temporarily removing Absol, Persian, and Misdreavous (Shadow Claw weakness). Here are some good replacement options:

  • Dugtrio, while unfortunately does not have access to Iron Head at this moment, has STAB Metal Claw that can be turned into Corkscrew Crash with the Steelium Z you received after clearing the Electric trial. Bonus points if you can drop Mimikyu's Speed with Tangled Hair.
  • Tauros is faster then Mimikyu, has a strong Attack stat, is immune to Shadow Claw, and has Intimidate. It also gets access to the Smart Strike TM, a Steel-type move that can also be turned into a powerful Z attack.
  • Toucannon is immune to Shadow Claw and probably bulky enough to take one Play Rough. However, you don't even need to survive Play Rough because you'll be using Beak Blast. If Mimikyu KOs with Play Rough, it will still be burned. PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Mimikyu is holding a Lum Berry. Use Yawn or Knock Off or something first if you want to burn it. Once burned, Mimikyu's attacks will be much easier to handle.
  • Magneton can soak up Play Rough all day long, and retaliate with a Z-powered Flash Cannon. It also has Sturdy in case of a lucky Shadow Claw crit and Thunder Wave to use up the Lum Berry or slow down Mimikyu. Magneton also has Metal Sound to make Mimikyu easier for your Pokémon to clean up.
  • Toxapex has high defences capable of tanking Shadow Claw and it resists Play Rough. Once you've used up the Lum Berry and Mimikyu's Disguise, Toxic + Venoshock + Merciless crit will make short work of the totem. Keep in mind, however, that Mereanie is very rare. Also, if you grind Mereanie to Lv. 38 to evolve it you'll be overlevelled enough to beat Mimukyu anyways.
  • Komala is unaffected by Hypnosis from Haunter/Gengar and can strike back with Shadow Claw/Payback. It also gets Stockpile and Swallow for stalling, and Yawn for disabling Mimikyu or getting rid of its Lum Berry.
  • Anything with Intimidate or Baby-Doll Eyes is useful for weakening Mimikyu.

2. Using your pre-existing team.

  • While your team is not the best suited for tackling Mimikyu, you do have an ace-in-the-hole with Torracat. Evolve that kitty into the fabulous macho cat Incineroar and equip the Incinium Z. Once your Pokémon have weakened Mimikyu a bit, unleash Tony the Tiger in a rampage of Darkest Lariats and Fire Fangs, finished off with it's exclusive Z-Move Malicious Moonsault. Watch out for Play Rough, however.
  • You also have Herdier. If it has Intimidate, great. Evolve him into Stoutland. Send him out to fight Mimikyu first, and switch him in and out until either he faints or Mimikyu's Attack stat is severely crippled. If it doesn't have Intimidate, never fear, you can always use Odor Sleuth to ensure maximum power Take Downs. Alternatively, spam Crunch.

3. Other Nuggets of Wisdom

  • You'll want to get rid of Disguise as soon as possible. Use a priority move like Shadow Sneak, Aqua Jet, Sucker Punch or First Impression to break Disguise.
  • Mimikyu has this nasty habit of calling for Gengar and Haunter. While their Shadow Balls can hurt, the real danger is Hypnosis spam. Equip all of your Pokémon with Lum/Chesto Berries or use a Pokémon with Insomnia. Incineroar and Stoutland are useful against them with their Dark attacks. Komala is another good choice as it cannot be put to sleep.
  • Mimikyu cannot heal! Unlike Wishiwashi and Lurantis, Mimikyu has zero ways to heal itself. So all damage you do will stay. Pack lots of Revives and Hyper Potions, and keep chipping away at Mimikyu until it falls.
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Thank you, this really helped. I was able to defeat Mimikyu because of this! NOW GIVE ME BACK THE 10,000 DOLLARS I LOST TO YOU.
I'm glad it helped! What part of it helped the most?
This is so in-depth! I could never put in that much effort to educate myself on two Pokemon. +1
Magneton is probably the best Pokemon in the answer because it remains useful for other things after the Mimikyu trial.
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(fyi, this team is also for long term use)
hm, well it was easy for me. I had Incineroar before I fought Mimikyu, so yeah. but in your case i'd recommed that you get rid of Absol because you already have a dark type on your team (persian) and with it's Fur Coat ability, it can tank out moves long enough for you to get some damage in. then get toxapex! that is like a little Sherman tank! If there is any Pokemon in this game that can take a heavy blow, it's toxapex. also, replace herdier. although stoutland is a good Pokemon, totem mimikyu can tank out some moves and call for a couple of gengar to help it. Replace it with Sivally, a Pokemon you get after the main story and side story are completed. Definitely keep Incineroar, because it is a hard core attacker and Darkest Lariat can have a lot of Pokemon begging for mercy. and keep misdreavus. and it's your couce if you want to replace vulpix.
but for your current situation, evolve torracat, use persian first, then once the disguise is broken, head in with incineroar and use darkest lariat. if you fall asleep due to the gengar, either use a full heal/awakening,or switch out for misdreavus. and if necessary, use alolan vulpix to get in some hits
Hope I helped

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Evolve the torrocat into incerroar. Then use darkest lariat F.T.W.

Thanks, but is there any way without me needing to evolve it? I'd prefer to keep it in it's second stage. 'Cause it's so cute!
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ok so decidueye helped out a lot in this fight, I used spirit shackles to get rid of his disguise then I let him knock decidueye out used a max revive and 1 shot him with his z move