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I see that Bewear have a high average attack stat, which is good for me as a primarily offensive player, but a low... almost everything else! Is it really worth training to have on my team?

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Ingame, anything is viable. Competitive, however, is another matter altogether.
On in game teams It doesn't really matter.
My understanding is that it's only real purpose is to SOS chain them in Poni Gauntlet, because they produce the highest rate of EXP gained anywhere in the game.  Barring the Elite 4 and Champion battles, but those cost you time in the form of the credit roll.

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Since both of Bewear's Attack and HP stats are high, and its move pool is pretty good, I would reckon you could get away with putting an Assault Vest on it to bump up his defences and end up with an okay, hard hitting Pokemon. Also, another advantage of Bewear's high attack stat is that you don't need any status moves to bump it up that much, which gives another reason for the Assault Vest.

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I would say no. Bewear's attack is good, but it is not fast enough to utilize it. Its special attack and special defense are horrible, so special-based attackers could make short work of it. Bewear's only other perk is its HP. It has 120 base HP which is good, but seeing as its defense and special defense are bad, The HP doesn't amount to much. So all in all, Bewear isn't that great of a Pokemon.

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