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Yep, I have magearna, and I want to give my friend a fleur cannon user, without having to give him my magearna.

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Isn't Fleur Cannon one of the super special Signature Moves, that will fail if used by a Pokemon other than the one it was created for?  So while it is entirely possible to get a Smeargle to Sketch Fleur Cannon, it would be pretty pointless, because it will fail every time you try to use it.

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Yep! All you have to do is send out Magearna and Smeargle in a double battle (in-game, and not in the Battle Tree). Make sure that Magearna is faster than Smeargle so that Sketch is used after Fleur Cannon. Et voila! Fleur Cannon Smeargle!

… of course, finding a double battle in-game can be tough, because there are no rematches and you've probably fought them already. In that case, there is still a way to get Fleur Cannon Smeargle, but it takes longer.

First, you have to find a Smeargle in the wild. Use False Swipe, which the Smeargle will then Sketch, and an Adrenaline Orb. Switch to Magearna. Wait until Smeargle calls an ally, then KO the first Smeargle with Fleur Cannon. The ally Smeargle will then use Sketch and learn Fleur Cannon. Switch out Magearna and False Swipe/Paralyze the Smeargle (paralysis stops it from calling for help.) Once it has stopped calling allies, catch it. Et voila! Fleur Cannon Smeargle!

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Sketch can sketch any move except chatter and struggle. So yes.

I think he wants to know HOW, not if its possible.