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Yup. '~' Not substitute, in case you were thinking that. for another grass type... I use elemental (water, fire, grass) ingame. ive already planned out the Water (Jellicent) and the fire (Darmanitan) so, should I keep serperior? (i am doing this many edits because you, in the comments, are saying MORE INFO!)

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For another grass-type? For another Pokemon in general? It's a very vague question.
add more information
nobody can answer this unless you give us the rest of your team, and what you want out of the the pokemon that will go in this slot
You also need to tell us the format, because OU is slightly different from Battle Spot Singles.
But this wasn't in any format, because it was tagged as ingame.
@sumwun when did smogon come into this? lol
So the regular core series games weren't developed by Smogon?
@sumwun: legit not sure if trolling, man. You're like the Ken M of this site o.0

In the teeny-tiny case you were not, Smogon is not affiliated to the development of any of the core games. That's just the Pokemon Company, Nintendo and GameFreak pulling the strings. Thus, in VGC as well, you don't see direct tiers like OU/UU/etc. Just a ban list. Smogon is independently sorting the whole meta game, and people go along with it because it's so widely followed online. PLUS, the PS! site was made by zarel who is a part of Smogon, so they have arbitrary rights and full control over the meta, since most of it is on PS!

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Let's see. The alternatives are

Leavanny: Excellent Pokemon, with access to STAB X - Scissor and Leaf Blade. With a Swords Dance up, you can sweep through the Dark and Psychic Elite 4. However, it is frail, so you might want to be careful using it. Ingame, it doesn't matter much, so if you're okay with waiting for it get to max happiness, then you're good to go.

A decent moveset would be: Swords Dance, X Scissor, Leaf Blade and Return, which works well with its evolution requirement.

Simisage: Strong, fast sweeper, but sadly doesn't get enough moves. Maybe once you get Surf and access to Energy Ball in Aspertia City, you can expect it to improve, but I don't think it's a good replacement.

Leafeon is found post ingame, so it's out of the box. Maractus and Sunflora are out because they're not as good either.

Roserade is a decent replacement, with access to STAB Energy Ball and Venoshock, so that should be good. Unfortunately, that places you at a disadvantage with the Psychic Elite 4. Further you need a Stone to evolve it, so you might have to search for that.

Sawsbuck is decent as a Physical attacker with access to STAB Return. Jump Kick + Horn Leech is a good combination, so you might want to try that out.

Ferrothorn and Tangrowth are better competitively than ingame, so you can skip them over. That leaves Carnivine, which is no better, so let's ignore it.

Finally, if you have no problem using a legendary, my personal favourite Unova Grass type Virizion is an excellent mixed sweeper with access to STAB Sacred Sword, STAB Giga Drain and X scissors, so it's definitely worth your consideration.

Overall, the best options would be: Leavanny/ Sawsbuck (Physical), Virizion (Mixed) or Roserade (Special).

Based on the rest of your team, you can choose any of the above.

Thanks! i think ill use leavanny.
Sure, no problem. It's fast and strong, but can't really take more that one or two hits, so keep that in mind.

Good luck with the game! :D