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I need a place where a Ground/Steel type in Pokemon Sun can be leveled up quickly to level 50.

You should provide information on where are you now.

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I know you haven't passed the Elite Four or Champion yet because I answered your other question that asked how to beat the Elite Four (Alolan Dugtrio or Mudsdale). I would recommend that a good place to train is Mount Lanakila. Even though Diglett is a ground type, you could send it out first in a wild Pokemon battle, then switch out for another Pokemon and beat the wild Pokemon with that Pokemon. Your Diglett will get more experience points that way. You could also use rare candies which you can get at the coffee shop in the Pokemon center if you feed your Pokemon a lot of PokeBeans.
I hope this helped :)

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If you are in post-game, I recommend training just outside the Battle Tree. You'll encounter Pokémon at around level 55 and you should be able to power level your Diglett. Make sure it's holding a Lucky Egg and has at least two hearts of affection (feed it a single rainbow bean). Lead with it and switch into a stronger Pokémon.

Alternatively you could battle the Elite Four once again to also make money and you have strong enough Pokémon to get you through.

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