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So one day I was breeding a Kangaskhan and I hatch a shiny. After I get an amazing shiny, I save my game as fast as possible. Now, a week later, I can't find it in any of my PC boxes. I look at every Kangaskhan I have and I check Pokemon Bank. Can anyone help?

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That sounds like a serious glitch. You didn't trade it away? Or put it in a different game by mistake?
There is always a search option.
I used that. Still nothing
Kadora1 no I didn't. I would be an idiot if i did that
My apologies. I guess it really has just vanished then. That sucks.
have you genned pokemon? i accidently got rid of some of mine that way ;-;
Yeah I lost my entire Diamond game trying to hack and get Darkrai without the event. Never again.

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Check the daycare. If you were breeding Pokemon, you might've put it in there.

If not, there is no glitch where anything can just disappear in a newer game (where you can search boxes), so maybe you released it. Remember, icons in the PC are the same, regardless of shininess. You might've released it while releasing junk ones.

Or someone could've stolen it. If you live with someone who also has a 3DS and Pokemon, they might've traded it to their game.

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No still nothing, I didn't release any of the junk Kangaskhan and my siblings died down on pokemon so, that couldn't have happen. But what I do argree that it could be a glitch.
If you will only accept that it was a glitch, then how will anyone answer this question? You have already answered it yourself.