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Well the Kalos starters are meant to be based on Knights (Chesnaught somehow), a Mage (Delphox) and a Rogue (Greninja).
I was wondering if there is any more Pokemon that can also be classified like this.
Eg. Gallade and Aegislash both fill the Knight role very well.

Eg. Gardevoir and Mismagius fill the Mage role well.

Probably most dark types fit the rogue role... Maybe Honchkrow and Absol (bit far fetched I know)

Just wondered if there is any more I missed? I want to try to make a team using Pokemon that fall into these three categories.
You can mention legendaries, but I severely doubt any will fill these categories.
Also, I already know the Kalos starters fit each category... Apart from Chesnaught being a knight that is.

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Drapion is a good candidate for a rogue like Pokemon.
I'm pretty sure this question counts as opinionated and is not allowed.
Well I mean it has to LOOK like one of these classes, or has lore. Like Mismagius (name based on Mage) or Gardevoir (flowing robes) etc.
I'll make a team if anyone posts any other suggestions.
Don't see the opinion bit about it myself but meh whatever.
Determining what Pokemon are based on involves a lot of speculation. For example, Mismagius could come from magic and not mage. Gardevoir's robes could be based on paper dolls and not mages.
Fine I'll shut the question down. Guess I'll find a different forum to post the question.
However the hell I shut it down. -.-
Name origin

annoying or disruptive actions
magic-wielding characters in fantasy & fiction

That's Mismagius for ya. Basically a Mage. Least it doesn't have the psychic weakness like gengar lol
I don't think this is opinionated. Some physical or contextual similarities have to exist between the classes and Pokémon. There have been plenty of speculation posts before, like the recent one about guardian angels, and they have not been shut down.

And @Kardora, Chesnaught is more like a paladin than a knight.

"In game terms, a Paladin is thus typically a Warrior character first and foremost, proficient with heavy arms and armor. Yet at the same time a Paladin is gifted with blessings or magical capabilities such as healing, protection, and countering evil magic (including undead), albeit to a lesser degree than a true priest or cleric. "

Paladins are tankier than knights and are more defensive than offensive, hence Chesnaught's bulky dome-like shell, high defences but low speed, and its access to Spiky Shield.

@sumwun mages use magic.
@Astronautical - I see what you mean. Chesnaught isn't the knight that runs into battle, but the kind of knight that stands guard and protects his family/town... Like you said, a paladin.
Well I'm gonna hunt down an Aegislash for the 'Knight' part of my team. Already have a Gardevoir for a 'Mage' and Drapion for the rogue. That gives me half the team.
*Sees Knight, Mage, and Rogue*
*Immediately thinks of Fire Emblem*

Anyways, your comment about legendaries not filling any of the roles, I think that maybe the Regi trio could count as Knight units, Darkrai and Yveltal could be Rogues, and I can see Xerneas or Mewtwo being Mages.
I thought of DnD.

I could see Mesprit, Uxie and Azelf being mages/clerics, Terrakion/Cobalion/Virizion/Keldeo being knights, and Thundurus, Landorus, and Tornadus being mages/warlocks.
Should a question this subjective even be allowed? How is Gallade a knight? How are Gardevoir and Mismagius mages? Honchkrow and Absol aren't even close to rogues.
I already flagged it once, but it got cleared.
It blatantly says in the pokedex that Gallade fight with its two swords and is 'a master of courtesy and swordsman ship' (Y pokedex)
Mismagius is so obviously a Mage - it's even in its name, it's a special attacker, the triangular 'hat' etc.
And the rogues? Honchkrow because it steals jewellery. Absol... Shouldn't be there I got stuck for suggestions.
But I mean most of the answers are in the name of the Pokemon, or the Dex entries.
I could argue, but I'm not going to because that would be dumb. Either way it just proves this question is entirely subjective.
Bisharp = Knight but it's named after the bishop piece for some reason.
That's a very good idea actually. I mean he does fight with swords, and the steel typing BUT I'm not a sure looking at his Dex entry.
yes i agree here with IGS
How about the Gen 6 starters (they are mostly based on the warrior/knight, wizard/mage, and thief/rogue)):
Chesnaught (Knight)
Delphox (Mage)
Greninja (Rogue)
Weren't those literally the examples on the Question?
Yes, all i saw were Mage, Knight, and Rogue. :|

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Some of these are a little Farfetch'd, but these would be my suggestions:

Knights: Armaldo, Lucario, Samurott, Escavalier, Bisharp, Kabutops, Scyther/Scizor

Mages: Lilligant, Gothitelle, Medicham, Gardevoir, Shiftry, Xatu, Mr. Mime,

Rogues: Crawdaunt, Weavile, Accelgor, Ninjask,