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like james's inkay and jessie's wobbufett.
I will downvote your answer if you include meowth, as he is a wild Pokemon and would kill you with fury swipes if you said he bellonged to jessie and james.
it doesn't matter if meowth is included in the source

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Currently On Team
• Wobuffett
• Mimikyu

In Storage
• Gourgeist
• Woobat
• Frillish
• Seviper
• Yanmega

Previously Owned
• Arbok
• Dustox
• Mawile
• Charizard
• Magikarp
• Lickitung
• Shellder


Currently On Team
• Mareanie

In Storage
• Inkay
• Yamask
• Amoonguss
• Carnivine
• Mime Jr.

Previously Owned
• Weezing
• Victreebel
• another Victreebel
• Cacnea
• Chimecho
• Aggron
• Hoppip
• Gyarados

• Growlie the Growlithe

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Sources are linked in their names.
no they're not. I'll Ba you, but i'll upvote it as well if you fix the links, okay?
ooops they are my mistake
No worries everyone makes 'em :)
Didn't he also buy a Magikarp on the Mary Anne in Kanto, but released it right before it evolved?
Serebii says that he still technically owned Gyarados for a short amount of time, so I rolled with that.
I don't think e hung on to the pokeball very well. probably left it in the SS. Anne
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Here's what I found


The list doesn't include Pokemon obtained in Alola.

eh, i know the alolans already: mimikyu and mariene
hey! those are only the temporary pokemon! it doesn't even have seviper and koffing! this sucks and I am downvoting it.
What about Bewear?
If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see all obtained Pokemon.
ooops, sorry. can i undownvote this? I was just mad because this was probanly the most fustrating site that i had found myself when looking this up.
Not a problem.