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Different shades of the same color count.

Yeah but I'm pretty sure nobody's gonna do it
Just because it's the rainbow Pokemon doesn't mean it's the most colorful.
I don't get why you're converting a bunch of answers to comments. They may not be exactly what you're looking for or correct, but that doesn't mean that they should be comments instead of answers.
It doesn't make an effort to answer the question. They obviously just chose a pokemon they thought was colorful and decided to post it instead of checking if it really had a lot of colors
You can't prove that I didn't. Maybe I actually did do a little research and just wanted to phrase it in a joking manner.

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its xerneas
It has at least 8 different colours.

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Maractus. It has a whole bunch of pretty colors like yellow, green, purple... the list goes on

Source: You can't prove me wrong
I can prove you wrong because Xerneas has 13 or 14 different colors and Maractus has 4. I'd actually be surprised if somebody could beat Xerneas.
If someone can give me a Pokemon with more colors than Xerneas (which has 15) I'll switch BA
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For this I will be counting white as a part of the Pokémon's colour palette, and I will be counting different shades of colour as different (e.g. red and dark red) so long as they are distinct from each other. I will not be counting shadows/highlights.. Black pupils will not count, and neither will tongues. So, without further ado:

Pokémon with 9 different colours:

Mega Steelix: chrome, gunmetal, dark grey, white, blue, black, pale yellow, pale blue, pink

Xerneas: deep blue, blue, black, white, pale yellow, canary yellow, orange, red, lavender

Toucannon: black, white, red, orange, orange-yellow, yellow, grey, dark blue, light blue

Comfey: green, orange, warm yellow, light grey, white, red, yellow, pink, blue

Magearna-Original: red, white, pink, light pink, blue, light blue, black, gold, yellow

Runners-up, with 8 colours:

Torterra: green, white, red, grey, light brown, dark brown, forest green, black

Silvally: grey, light grey, red, black, green, blue, purple, white (changes colour)

Necrozma: black, white, red, orange, blue, light blue, purple, green

Magearna: white, grey, yellow, pink, light pink, blue, light blue, black

Celesteela: jade, light jade, yellow-green, yellow, white, blue-grey, turquoise, dark green

What are you talking about? Xerneas has 3 different shades on each horn, making it 15.
I do not see any white on Xerneas unless you count the eyes.