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Currently, I am playing through Pokemon Heartgold and I'm working on getting through the 8th gym (Clair) and after which I'd like to incorporate the Extreme Speed Dratini into my team. As of right now, my team consists of Gengar, Togetic, Golem, Typholosion, Umbreon, and Quagsire. I was wondering who'd be the best to replace in order to improve my team (so far I've been thinking Golem or Togetic).

Thanks in advance

EDIT 1: It has to be either Togetic or Golem because Umbreon is my wall (only reason why I got through Clair), Gengar is for Psychic, and Ghost coverage (with Embargo to prevent item usage). Typhlosion is the current powerhouse with Ghost, Ice, Grass, Psychic, and Steel coverage, and Quagsire is for Ground, Rock, Ice, Steel, Fire, and Poison coverage

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I would certainly replace Togetic because Togetic doesn't get any good STAB attacks, while Golem can learn both earthquake and stone edge by level up.
I see your point there, but Golem also has the 4 times weakness to water and grass
You're not really going to find many Grass-type trainers in HeartGold aside from Karen's Vileplume, but Typhlosion can take that out with ease. Having two 4x Grass weaknesses might not be the end of the world. Besides, once you have Dragonite you can use Fly/Fire Blast/Flamethrower to handle Grass-types.
K, now I kinda regret leveling up Togetic to 40...
If you play any more Pokemon games in the future, you should check each Pokemon's level up movepools BEFORE using them.
It's fun to play blind and learn by experience though. There wasn't much internet when a lot of us started Pokemon and that wonder of finding out first hand how good a Pokemon can be is pretty fun.

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Get rid of Togetic and you can keep it and just use it to complete your pokedex if you want.