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So Fell Stinger got buffed in gen 7 with +20 attack and instead of raising its attack 2 stages it is raised 3. Now the question that remains is can it be viable, and what are some good mons to use with it?
Note: Buzzwole also gets it, page needs to be updated.

It does say that Buzzwole gets Fell Stinger on that page.
The best fell stinger user is Beedrill, and it recently dropped to UU. Because this drop was less than a month ago, there are no stats for Beedrill in UU. I think it's best to wait for the statistics and then answer this question.
In case you're wondering, there are no good fell stinger users in any format other than UU.
What do you mean by no stats?
"Stats" is short for statistics. There are currently no statistics on how good fell stinger Beedrill is in UU.

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I would say that it isn't going to be Huge, but if you play a tanky then yes. but you would have to use it when the opposing Pokemon is low on health because otherwise it won't do jack with a base power of 50. The only other option would be is beedrill but there are so many better moves for raising attack like power-up punch because it doesn't need to faint the other Pokemon.