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I have about a PC box full of Pokemon in Omega Ruby that I want to transfer to Moon, but I have a few questions about Pokemon Bank. I'm sure I can find a tutorial on how exactly to do it, or if not I can figure it out... Mainly, what I want to know is this:

  1. I have a Japanese Ditto I want to use to Masuda Method in Sun/Moon. If I transfer it from OR to Moon, will the game still recognize it as Japanese?
  2. Most of the Pokemon I want to send are shinies. Will they still be shiny after transferring them?
  3. When I have my Pokemon in Moon, can I trade them normally to Sun?
  4. I am only going to use Pokemon Bank this one time. Will I still need to pay? If so, when?
  5. When I am done with the bank, how can I cancel my membership?
  6. Will I be charged automatically? Will I get annoying advertisements in my E-mail from joining them?

I'm not going to use the bank until I get all of my questions answered. Please answer clearly and as many of the questions as you can -- and this may be asking much, but I'd prefer if you told me how you know the answer, too.

Thanks :)

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1: Yes, the game will recognize it's Japanese.

2: Yes, they will still be shiny.

3: Yeah, trading them between Sun and Moon will work just fine.

4: Yes, you still need to pay, and you pay as soon as you open the software for the first time, before you can access any of the features.

5: There is no way to cancel the subscription, so once you pay the $5, you have a full 365 days to use the software however you please until your subscription ends.

6: As soon as you finish paying, you should get charged to your credit/debit card automatically. And as far as I've seen, I've never got any emails from the software, and I've been using Bank for quite some time.

Source: Experience

If you have any other Bank questions, just let me know!

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Thank you very much! You're answers were clear and informative and I appreciate it!
The only other question I have involves the payment... So, I'll pay $5.00 at the start to have Pokebank for the whole year (great deal), then, if I want to continue my account, I will have to pay again when that year has passed. Will I be charged automatically, or will I have to pay again manually? To no longer have Pokebank, will all I need to do is simply not pay for another year?
Thanks again!
I believe it is a manual process. Once you have 2 weeks or less left in your subscription, the software will give you an option to renew your subscription; another $5 for another year. If you choose not to, then you lose access to the software. If you choose to, however, then the same process that you went through to pay for the software originally will commence.
And no problem! I'm glad I could help!
Ah, wonderful!
I expected to have to wait a while to find an answer as good as yours, but it turns out I didn't need to!
Well, that's it for this question -- thanks to you.