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Please if you know let me know.

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It might be inspired by stories of ghosts that can remove their heads.
With many UBs,  there designs don't usually follow their typing (with some execptions).  Sometimes it also depends on their origin.  But, because of the lack of information about this Pokemon,  I can't say why it is a ghost type and not another type.  But, in my opinion, UBs are supposed to be out of this world Pokemon with some uniqueness to them.  So, it may be a ghost type for the reason of being original and unique.
Nihilego is a glass jellyfish, so it's rock poison type. Buzzwole is a mosquito bodybuilder, so it's bug fighting type. Xurkitree is a bunch of cables, so it's electric type. Celesteela is a rocket, so it's steel flying type. Kartana is a paper sword, so it's grass steel type. How do their designs not follow their typings?
You may be on to something there: the headless horseman of sleepy hollow
maybe it's because is dressed like a clown and clowns are, since the book IT came out, sometimes associated with ghost or horror stoires, the fire type it may derive from it's attitude to blow up his head like a firework, just speculation
After all, it IS the "fireworks Pokemon", so the fire type should be pretty obvious.
Also, it could be a result of the clown stories in recent years with people dressing as clowns and scaring/hurting people. Now that could have resulted in it having a ghost or dark typing I guess, and whilst this is purely a guess, I'd assume by looking at the design that the Pokemon really wouldn't suit the dark typing. Plus, looking at its signature move, removing its head seems like something you may only expect from a ghost or psychic type. Again, this is all theoretical and just a few extra assumptions.
It looks like a party popper emoji that came to life. You just can't use it though. Dammit emojis.

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I would say that the ghost typing comes from it being able to blow its head up. Kind of like it's killing itself? Morbid, I know but it seems like a viable explanation to me.