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It's between 8-9pm, and I have 3 Pokemon with max happiness in my party. What am I doing wrong?
Note: I already caught Azelf and Mesprit

If you change the time, time based things will not happen for 24 hours
i think some legendaries like uxie appear randomly in oras but i'm not sure

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its it only available for 1 minute not 1 hour like 8:59 - 9:00pm. By the way take mega sableye none of the fairy trio can touch it (even stats with magic bounce)

its gen 7 it got magic bounce. mega sableye in this gen gets prankster as its ability
Actually, it's available from 8:00 PM - 8:59 PM.
They are the Lake Guardians, not the "Fairies". They aren't even Fairy-type.