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I have been searching for one hour and there still is no Ralts! Why?

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Make sure you're searching on Route 102. It has a 4% encounter rate in every Hoenn game, so it's pretty rare.
Is this for Alpha Sapphire, or the original Sapphire? The tag says ORAS, but the title says Sapphire.
To address your updated question, the answers you got below still stand. Ralts is uncommon and you have been unlucky. Continue searching, there is not much else you can do.

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Ralts is found on Route 102. It has=s a 4% encounter rate when you walk around, and a 5% encounter rate when you encounter a hoard. Try using the Dexnav, it's a lot easier to find one that way.


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Ralts is a rare Pokemon, so it might be because you just haven't been lucky enough to find it yet.
If you're in AS you might want to try to use DexNav.
Hope I helped!

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