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Weight is actually a force, in case you're a non-physisist who didn't know that. it's the force which gravity exerts upon one's mass, meaning it is measured on a spectrum. if, as emerald's pokedex entry states, it doesn't feel the pull of gravity, why does it weigh 48 KG?

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Does this count as a Game Freak logic question?

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It's probably best if you read the whole sentence:

It apparently does not feel the pull of gravity because it supports itself with psychic power.

It's being pulled by gravity, but it's psychic abilities allow it to levitate and is strong enough so it doesn't even feel it.

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dasright, not feeling =/= not happening (in this case, the effect of the gravitational field)
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I know Physics. Weight and mass is different.
But I'm 'no physicist" tho. The fact that it says kilogram in the pokedex means that it's in mass. So it does not tell you if it's either affected by gravity or not. If you're a physicist then, you should also know that the unit, if gardevoir is affected by gravity, is in Newton.

Exactly. 48kg is its mass, not its weight.