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252 SpAtk 252 Speed
Choice Scarf/Specs

Dragon Pulse
Flame thrower
sludge wave

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Battle Spot Singles/Doubles
I don't see how Thunderbolt helps, switch that with Nasty Plot?
If this is for Battle Spot, then I don't think you're doing it right. Naganedel has a few good status moves, and it should be able to alternate between its status and attack moves, so choice items are bad on it. They usually hold dragonium Z in singles and focus sashes in doubles. For singles, you should replace dragon pulse with draco meteor and flamethrower with fire blast because they're more powerful. Thunderbolt doesn't cover very much, so replace that with nasty plot. For some reason, you're supposed to keep flamethrower in doubles, but replace the other moves with protect because every Pokemon needs protect, tailwind to speed up teammates, and sludge bomb to not hit teammates.
But the problem is that in first turn I set up nasty plot. Next turn someone puts me to sleep or confuses me, ruining my sweep. What to do about that?
Don't use nasty plot when the opponent knows a sleep move.

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Naganadel has a few good status moves, so not using them would be a waste of a Pokemon. When playing singles, give Naganadel a dragonium Z and the moves nasty plot, sludge wave, draco meteor, and fire blast. In general, nasty plot should be used when the opponent can't damage Naganadel very much or cripple it with paralysis or sleep or something. For example, Celesteela tends to be defensive, so you can set up nasty plot against a Celesteela and your opponent won't be able to do much about it. When facing more dangerous opponents, you might as well go straight for the attacks. Z-draco meteor works great for breaking through walls. When playing doubles, give Naganadel a focus sash and the moves protect, sludge bomb, tailwind, and flamethrower. Nasty plot tends not to be as good in doubles, so Naganadel is better used as tailwind support and an all-out attacker.