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Mine currently knows:

  • Leaf Blade (STAB)
  • Pluck (Deals with Bugs, steals Berries, previously gave STAB for Rowlet and Dartrix)
  • Spirit Shackle (STAB, Sinister Arrow Raid)
  • Foresight (I basically wanted to remove Normal's Ghost immunity, but I realized it won't work)

I want to change Foresight, and my first thought was I'll change it to Tailwind. Is that a good idea? :)

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Swords dance is a good move, although it requires a TM that might take a while to find.
Remember that the Ghost type resists Bug, so Bug-type moves will only be regularly effective on Decidueye.

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Well, there are a lot of good status moves I have in mind, so I'll list the ones I think are suited for Decidueye:

  • Tailwind is a good move to raise Decidueye's Speed, therefore it will be a major threat when used. However, Decidueye's Defense is not overly high - and the Pokemon has 5 weaknesses - so you do run the risk of not being able to attack with Decidueye for the remainder of the battle after Tailwind - but it still will affect the remainder of your team.
  • Feather Dance is a good move to lower to opponent's Attack, therefore it can balance off with Decidueye's moderate Defense stat.
  • Toxic is always a good, reliable status move, but you do run the risk of going up against a super-effective Poison-type Pokemon, therefore making it useless. However, Toxic won't fail you the majority of the time
  • Confuse Ray is another great move. It works on Normal-type Pokemon and it reduces the opponent's attacking chance to 33% for the duration of the confusion.

If it were up to me, I would give my Decidueye Confuse Ray or Tailwand, because it always plays an advantage to, not only Decidueye, but the rest of the team as well.

Hope I helped! :)

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Actually, confusion got nerfed this gen- confused Pokémon now only have a 30% chance to hit themselves
Edited. Chance is more likely 1/3 based on some early testing: http://pokefuka.hatenablog.com/entry/2016/10/19/110752
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Judging from your moveset I have 2 points to add:
Replace Pluck for either Fly (Malie Library as a TM) or Brave Bird (Move Relearner) for more power. Also for your status move, use swords dance (TM75) to increase your physical Attack as all of your moves are physical. How to get swords dance explained here: