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Are there any Pokémon with Surf?

I played Pokémon Crystal for a while, and I can't come out of the Gyarados lake because I can't find a Pokémon with Surf.

And I wanna do the gym, but it can't if I don't find any Pokémon with Surf (and it needs to be in Pokémon Crystal and needs to be in or before Lake Of Rage (Gyarados Lake)).

I searched so many Water Pokémon but I couldn't find it, it was so stupid I've been in the Lake Of Rage 4 to 5 days as of now!

Maybe you know which Pokémon can learn Surf? If you do, please answer my question. Alright?

And it needs to be in Pokémon Crystal and not the water starter because I chose Cyndaquill and not Totodile.

So please comment it down if you know it.

(And I'm not breaking the rules because I'm not talking about a single Pokémon right?)

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Are you try to finding any pokemon with surf on the lake?
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First, you can't find a Pokemon that already knows surf. In order to get a Pokemon that knows surf, you should go to Ecruteak City, enter the dance theater, and defeat all the kimono girls there. Then, talk to the director, and he should give you an item called HM03 surf. Get a Pokemon you want to learn surf and put it in your party. Open your bag, select the HM03 surf, use it, and teach it to the Pokemon.
I would suggest teaching it to either Psyduck or Wooper. They can both learn several other HM moves and pull their weight in battle.

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