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I need it for my Smeargle.

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Get an OHKO move yourself. Krabby can learn guillotine at level 27.
How is he going to sketch it?
Get a wild Smeargle to sketch it, and then sketch it from the wild Smeargle.

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Find an opposing smeargle. Use an OHKO move on it and pray it misses. The smeargle with sketch the ohko move. Catch the Smeargle, and you now have a Smeargle with an OHKO move. (You can find Smeargle in the patch of wild grass outside the Ruins of Alps.)

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Brock's Rhyhorn has Horn Drill, and it's level 41, but it's pretty tough to get a slightly-higher-level Smeargle to survive its other moves before it actually gets to using that one. (Remember, Fissure, Horn Drill, and Guillotine have exactly 0% accuracy in this game if the opponent has a higher level than the user, so you don't have to rely on luck if the level spread is set up correctly.)

Cooltrainer Gaven on route 26 is a rematchable trainer who brings a team of Victreebel, Flareon, and Kingler, and the Kingler of course has Guillotine if you want to try and sketch that after it gets used. (Beware because Kingler also has Protect; if you try to click Sketch the turn after you see a Guillotine, he could use that and you'll end up sketching Protect instead.) Kingler starts out at level 32 and gets as high as 38 in the rematches, if you want to make sure Smeargle has the correct level before trying that.

That's aftergame. I think I will stick wit ETNs strat