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I tried some Pokemon on it but it failed, so can anyone tell me, please?

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What format?
Setting up a Stealth Rock helps.
Rock types in general, or rock coverage is suggested. Format advised.
The problem with most rock types though, is that they’re slow and could be KO’d by Solar Beam easily.
Please list this as What Pokémon can counter/check Charizard-Mega Y; it was hard for me to understand what you were asking at first

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Tapu Fini, Toxapex, Heatran, Tapu Koko, Mega Tyranitar (be aware of Focus blast), [email protected], Mantine, Stealth rock can do powerful damage., Garchomp, Eviolite Chansey, Blissey, Dragonite, Diancie, and Thick Fat Snorlax.

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Thx you so much
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Alolan Dugtrio with Stone Edge or Rock Tomb

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Why would anyone use Dugtrio when a choice scarf Garchomp does the exact same thing but better?
Maybe in case of HP ice?