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Phyco says it is made of 150 beings, However, the Pokemon's model clearly has 137 Blocks, each being one organism. (Trust me, I counted, 5 times). So which is it? (I personally believe in it being 137) Count them if you don't believe me:

It's really fitting I ask this question.

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Just have someone take you apart and count how many pieces you're made of.
Ha Ha, sumwun. But I swear Psycho is wrong!
How many blocks are there in Stakataka's inside?
Btw, none are in the inside, as shown by the second image, Rahatimus Prime.
Then just count the number of pieces on the outside.
I did, and it is 137. The game says it is 150 though...
Maybe they rounded up? (More likely, they just threw out an estimate and didn't expect anyone to actually count them)
That seem excessively lazy, especially for Game Freak, and when you are able to count them. :P

A "Theory" I made (but has no proof) is that it can be made out of more/less organisms, but it doesn't fully make sense because they all have to near perfectly fit together...
Have you ever heard of a siphonophore? Looking at one you'd think it's just a single creature, but that is false. In reality a siphonophore is a complex ecosystem of multiple organisms all coming together and forming a colony. Each organism is known as a zooid, and zooids themselves are multicellular. Some siphonophores are also capable of emitting light, all much like our good friend Stakataka over here. Maybe Stakataka is just a highly evolved form of siphonophore? If we count all of the cells in each zooid, or in this case block, then Stakataka probably consists of thousands of beings.
But with that, sense of the numbers given is still lacking. For example, if each one is more than one organism, that'd at least double the number to 274 because of brick amount. Also, as seen when it smashes the tree in the lower image, the "blocks" can separate and be independent (and they must emit a strong magnetic field to be able to swing and hold pattern like they do). And each cell of a multi cellular organism isn't necessarily considered a different organism, but is still considered alive.

There is still much we don't know about this majestic Stack+Attack UB-Assembly...
Can't you just answer saying it was 137 and Phyco was wrong?
I think the bottom line is that we just have to accept we will never be able to truly comprehend this magnificent beast, this glorious visage of majesty... We should also leave it at that because this line of comments is becoming too long.
No, the line of comments can never become too long.
Oh, can't it? Good to know. Yeah, I guess so long as it stays on topic then it's fine. Thanks!

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I checked what Phyco says in the game, and the exact quote is:

The Ultra Beast Stakataka is actually composed of almost 150 smaller life-forms, which all create one shape. Be wary, Champion.

Note it says almost 150. Now our definitions of "almost" may vary, but I think 137 is close enough.

For the record, I checked a higher-res version of the model sheet you posted and I count 137 too: each side has 8 "rows" with 3 bricks per row, that's 3 x 8 x 4 = 96. There are 4 darker cornerstones for each row too (some of which drop down to make the "legs"), that's 4 x 8 = 32. Plus 9 bricks on the top that makes 96 + 32 + 9 = 137. In theory there could be another layer of bricks at the top that you can't see from any angle but I don't think it matters too much.

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Great, Thanks :P